Richard Wentworth ‘If I were you, I would not try to rehearse your life’

Puzzling talk by Richard Wentworth.  Puzzling because I didn’t quite get ‘him’ rather than his work.  Perhaps I shouldn’t say that, but I ended up rather perplexed and worried more about his words than his art practice.  But then I am always analysing people, my ‘self’ and others. The very title of his talk felt like a […]

British Library (Doctoral visit and talks)

I am now on the train back from a trip to the British Library (Doctorate Day) that outlines the type of manuscripts, collections and archives are available as a ‘Reader’.  A fascinating and long day of interesting curatorial talks.  However, the best part was the networking benefit where I met many interesting PhD students who were […]

Next Steps into the Studio

Being able to ‘pluck the harmonious creative string’ at a moment’s notice is something I am grappling with and one I can’t understand why I am finding it so hard.  The orchestra is sitting, the conductor is in place and I feel like I’m in freeze-framed in a ‘rest’ bar. I am plucking and morphing […]

Louise Bourgeois, Tate Modern, 16th Feb 2017

After seeing Louise Bourgeois’s Cell XVII at Sadie Coles HQ Gallery the previous week, I decided to go and seek out more of Bourgeois’s work at the new The Tate Modern’s Switch House where rooms are now dedicated to specific artists.  Although autobiographical, her work explores psychological anxiety through the physiological structure of the body […]

‘Room’ Sadie Coles HQ, 62 Kingly Street, W1 (13 Jan – 18 Feb 17)

    Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island (1975 – 78), Francesca Woodman Loved this whole exhibition.  Excellently curated to present installation, photographic and collage works which was both coherent and cohesive.  This exhibition couldn’t have been more timely for my work, now I’m embarking on my own research and practice into Confinement and Anxiety within psychological space. […]

Making Nature ‘How we see Animals’ Wellcome Collection (1 Dec – 21 May 17)

Fascinating exhibition on how we, as humans, think about animals.  This seems fundamental to me that this relationship to nature reflects how we think about and understand ourselves and our place in the world.  This exhibition was all about this and our relationship with nature and our behaviour to it – looking to the past and […]

Charles Avery – The People and Things of Onomatopoeia: Part 2 (13 Jan – 17 Feb 17), Pilar Corrias, W1

Charles Avery – (Inner Circle, Onomatopoeia Zoo), 2016 I have followed Charles Avery’s work for some time as it has inspired me to think of my own drawings and paintings in a way that ensures that the spectator takes away from the work something for themselves, something that they have created within their own minds, […]

Justin Mortimer talking to Daniel P. Carter at The Factory, 120 London Road, SE1 – 1st February 2017

Visual Collages, Justin Mortimer at The Factory, SE1 (1.2.17) Daniel P. Carter asked all those questions that I have been wanting to ask Justin Mortimer for years!  A great evening.  As I expected – enlightening and inspiring.  Even though I had met Justin before informally some years ago, the formality of a ‘talk’ in a working […]

Rauschenberg (Dec – April 2017), Tate Modern 1st February 2017

Monogram (1955 – 59), Mixed Media, Robert Rauschenberg Multiplicity, Variety and Inclusion:  these are the art mantras that Rauschenberg defined as his working practice. The Tate Modern have sectioned this retrospective into Rauschenberg’s working practice into bitesized rooms – experimentation, colour, combines, transfer drawings, silkscreens, live, technology, material abstraction, travel, metal and late works.  But the rooms […]

Debra Leigh Voice and Communications Coach – London College of Communications – 1st February 2017

A fascinating workshop on how to present research to an audience.  Debra is not only engaging but empowering.  It was difficult not to feel a certain confidence and spring in one’s step after leaving this workshop.  I felt that perhaps I may, in time, deliver my research in such a way that others may wish […]