A fascinating workshop on how to present research to an audience.  Debra is not only engaging but empowering.  It was difficult not to feel a certain confidence and spring in one’s step after leaving this workshop.  I felt that perhaps I may, in time, deliver my research in such a way that others may wish to know more…  She covered the basic posture, alignment, breathing techniques along with articulation and audibility giving the speaker a presence and to radiate a positive energy through both the voice and the body.  She taught us to slow the pace down – less is more in terms of words – to chose the focus in order to hit the mark, a focus on those ideas that you wish to convey.

It became apparent, a point that should perhaps have been blindingly obvious, that you need to be in control, not only through your vocabulary but through your body language and through the chairing of your talk, in order to meet the needs of your own agenda and not those of others.  Enlightening.  I need a bigger toolbox.

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