I am undertaking a PhD in Fine Art to focus my research and painting on my specific area of interest surrounding the anxious uncanny and the anxious space.  This will be an extended journey of investigation not only through my own art practice, but also within the psychological space of others along the way.  Who these people or objects may be, they will remain my encounters over the next five years.  My interest lies with the idea of this ‘anxious encounter’ within space (an encounter being both a physical and psychological one).  There is a blurring of boundaries between the self and other, in both a physical and mental space.  This threshold and liminality is the space that I am exploring.  This is both a real and an imagined space.

I am awaiting feedback on my initial proposal with the hope that it will be cleared to go before the UAL (University of the Arts London) Research Committee for further interrogation and analysis before they may (hopefully!) clear me for Registration.  I will find out within the next week whether further changes will be necessary.

Over the last two weeks, I have been completing lots of reading, taking notes, attending artist talks, exhibitions in London and a complete week of lectures and presentations at UAL with other PhD postgraduates.  It has been a busy but successful couple of weeks.  Every step is forming new ideas and pathways in my mind that need to be addressed and reflected upon; so by articulating these within a Reflective Blog will be for now, my preferred method of forming critical viewpoints, arguments and new draft ideas to verbalise how I intend to extend and further my own visual art research through the process of experimental art practice.  That’s the plan…

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