After seeing Louise Bourgeois’s Cell XVII at Sadie Coles HQ Gallery the previous week, I decided to go and seek out more of Bourgeois’s work at the new The Tate Modern’s Switch House where rooms are now dedicated to specific artists.  Although autobiographical, her work explores psychological anxiety through the physiological structure of the body and its place within space and her message is universal. Not unlike Alice Anderson and Chiharu Shiota, her mode of working is through installation through the use of thread, textiles and sculpture.  Bourgeois kept diaries and records, written on many sheets of paper.  This also interests me, as this writing theme is starting to have a powerful underlying theme within my own work.

Single II (1996), Louise Bourgeois

Cell (Eyes and Mirrors) 1989 – 93, Louise Bourgeois

Cell (Eyes and Mirrors) 1989 – 93, Louise Bourgeois

References here to the idea of the room with eyes and windowpanes – giving an anxious feeling of voyeurism and surveillance within the work.

In addition her repetitive use of the spider as a metaphor for power relationships with others, within her work also parallels my own, where I see the insect (or specific object) as a vehicle for that state of anxious encounter.

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