Mersad Berber is sadly an artist I was not familiar with before I was sent information on this memorial exhibition.  Taken far too early, his works are so inspiring and filled with an intensity of spirit that perhaps only comes from living through the chaos of the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

The PDF that the Albermarle Gallery, London have put together to accompany this exhibition is worth keeping as it has wonderful paintings (including self-portraits) that depict in detail the skill and mastery behind this great painter.  He is said to have been influenced by the masters of the Venetian School but also Velazquez, who I am also a huge fan.  His work shows the techniques of the old masters combined with a Contemporary approach – a layering and a fragmentation that combines to create figurative abstraction.

Currently showing at Albermarle Gallery, London until 3 May 2014

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