Being able to ‘pluck the harmonious creative string’ at a moment’s notice is something I am grappling with and one I can’t understand why I am finding it so hard.  The orchestra is sitting, the conductor is in place and I feel like I’m in freeze-framed in a ‘rest’ bar.

I am plucking and morphing ideas from numerous interesting sources and continue to do so on a daily basis. But I am hesitating to transcribe these or manifest them into solid visualisations.  Perhaps that I am so excited about the next steps and want to visualise what is in my head that I can’t calm.  It is an itch, an urge, but I don’t want to force the process, even though it now feels urgent.  It is time now, to start this process and stop worrying about it. I know what I need to do, what is to be done.  I want my intuition to kick in now.  Drop the books and the writing and crank up the music. So what’s stopping me have the fun?  Inspiration is all around me, maybe too much and I have now scheduled the time within my studio, so the fun starts here.  I am in Norfolk rather than London for the next few weeks so I can concentrate my time in the studio (at last…).



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