Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island (1975 – 78), Francesca Woodman

Loved this whole exhibition.  Excellently curated to present installation, photographic and collage works which was both coherent and cohesive.  This exhibition couldn’t have been more timely for my work, now I’m embarking on my own research and practice into Confinement and Anxiety within psychological space.  Interestingly there was no painting but there was buckets of imagined anxiety and investigation into the role of the room as a metaphor for the psyche or social construct.  I see the idea of the duality of the room as being both a place of confinement and a place of retreat and also a liminal plane between private (inner) and public (outer) worlds.

This was mirrored here in the work of Klara Liden’s installation entitled ‘Teenage Room’ (2009) and quoting from the extract ‘where functionality is stripped away to leave psychological residues: the retreat of an adolescent is imagined as a stark, scaffold-like ‘bone structure’ or stage set’.

‘Teenage Room’ (2009), Klara Liden

The idea of the stage set and modelled display interests me.  A minute psychological drama being played out to parallel our own domestic space and own psyches. Quoting from the extract of the exhibition again, ‘for each of the artists, the real-life room becomes a mode of self-portraiture, an expression of memory and a springboard for fantasies or follies’.

‘T’ No. 5, Kitchen (2013) Andra Ursuta

The idea of the cell in Louise Bourgeois’s work highlights this idea structure being both a place of protection and imprisonment.  Within my own drawings and collage work I am starting to play and experiment with this idea of a real or an imagined structure having some form of encounter or even power within the inhabitants of that space through its occupation.

Cell XVII (Portrait), 2000, Louise Bourgeois

‘Space does not exist, it is just a metaphor for the structure of our existence’

–  Louise Bourgeois


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