Zsolt Boldini, Shadow Movements No. 8 (2014), Acrylic on Canvas (200 x 185cm)

Another show I am missing at The Green Art Gallery with three of my favourite artists!  I will not be back in Dubai again until maybe October  at the earliest!

Painters Daniel Pitin, Zsolt Boldini and Ross Chisholm combine with Nazil Tapocuoglu (photographer) to produce a wonderful array of colour in this Summer Show 2014.  Above is Zsolt Boldini’s new work (I saw his last solo show here ‘King give us soldiers’), entitled ‘Shadow Movements’ No. 8 (2014), Acrylic on Canvas (200cm x 185cm).  So his work has moved on and he seems to be using Acrylic without oil now in his work.

This large piece is a departure from his mainly monochromatic paintings of the last show exhibited here, but they still retain the fluid figures and fragmentation of interpretation from early photography of physical education.  Boldini references art history and through his imagery makes a bold statement about socialist propaganda and the female form as a label of beauty and health.  His work sits well with Daniel Pitin and Ross Chisholm.

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